AcuSerene  FAQs


1. I often have a severe headache.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?


Yes.  AcuSerene protocol even alleviates a severe headache.  Also, AcuSerene helps to prevent migraines.  However, please make sure before having AcuSerene to consult with your medical doctor about your severe headache to rule out other possible serious conditions.


2. I take blood thinner.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?

Yes.  The chance of bruising or bleeding on your face by AcuSerene protocol is quite low because of our special needling technique. 

3. Can acupuncture erase my aging spots? 

No.  Acupuncture can brighten your overall skin tone and it makes your aging spots look less remarkable.  However, acupuncture cannot change the natural metabolic system that repeatedly recreates the aging spot pigments in the deeper part of the skin and moves them up to the surface of your skin.  We suggest to consult with your dermatologist if the aging spots are the reason that you are seeking for a facial acupuncture.


4. I have cosmetic injections.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?

Yes.  However, you must wait to have AcuSerene until those injections’ effects are gone because our protocol is completely different and may disperse the effects from the externally induced substance in the process of restoring your own younger facial configuration.  

5. I cannot lie on my back.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?


Unless you can lie on your back due to any symptoms we cannot perform AcuSerene.  Please contact us about your symptoms.  Our General Acupuncture may help to resolve them and get you ready to undergo treatment with AcuSerene.

6. I’ve got sunburn on my face and it's red and hot now.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?

You must wait to have the AcuSerene until the sunburn resolves.

7. I have inflamed acne on my face.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?


We suggest having our General Acupuncture to resolve the inflamed acne prior to having AcuSerene to maximize the results you have from AcuSerene.

8I’ve had a facial skin abrasion.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?


If your skin is still sensitive and/or reddish from the skin abrasion, you have to wait to have the AcuSerene until those symptoms resolve.


9I’m seventeen years old.  Can I have AcuSerene  ?

People who have mature skin will benefit the most from the AcuSerene.  We do not provide this service for minors.

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