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Beauty Without Compromise

Facial Acupuncture



Reclaim your natural beauty and youthful glow with a holistic skin treatment. AcuSerene Facial Acupuncture is a gentle, natural alternative to chemical fillers and invasive surgeries.

Transformational Results

You deserve to love how you look and embrace youthful beauty at any age. Take control of your happiness and wellbeing with a unique acupuncture treatment that reverses and refines aging facial features, including:

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Asymmetrical face lines

After nine treatments of Full AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture, this 32-year-old has achieved a more balanced face shape with lifted cheeks and eyes, fuller temples, and increased brightness around her eyes.

Sagging eyelids

After five treatments of Full AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture, this 34-year-old has lifted and balanced the sagging skin under her eyes with a smoother complexion.

Double chin

Three days after one treatment of Full AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture, this 37-year-old has tightened and defined her face line to reduce the sagging look of a double chin.

Sunken skin around the eyes

After two treatments of Full AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture, this 56-year-old has lifted her eyes, filled out sunken eyelids, and smoothed fine lines across her temples.

Asymmetrical eyelids and eyebrows

After two treatments of Full AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture, this 41-year-old has lifted and balanced asymmetrical eyebrows with fuller, brighter eyes.

Sagging cheeks

After one treatment of Full AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture, this 34-year-old has lifted her face line with a stronger, more vibrant smile and cheek shape.

Puffiness and redness

Before and after AcuSerene Facial Acupuncture treatment for Puffiness and redness.

After one treatment of Full AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture, this 59-year-old has reduced swollen puffiness, tightened the skin on his neck, and reduced redness.

What to expect during the session?

A young woman is smiling on a treatment table.

This treatment promotes blood flow, enhances skin cell turnover, and untangles constricting, sagging, or unbalanced muscle movement. Of course, every patient’s symptoms and preferences are different, so results will vary.

The effects of AcuSerene® includes but not being limited to visibly brighten eyes, diminish dark circles, lift sagging eyelids, lift and define features, firm sagging skin, soften fine lines, increase radiance, balance asymmetry.

Enjoy brighter, more lifted, and radiant skin after your very first AcuSerene® session.

AcuSerene  FAQ


How many treatments are needed?

Most clients notice immediate results after the first appointment and in the following days, but progress varies by individual. We recommend 3 to 5 weekly sessions for lifting and contouring. Facial balancing typically requires a longer treatment plan.

Does AcuSerene® require follow up appointments?

Yes, we recommend ongoing treatments once or twice a month to maintain the look of your acupuncture facelift.

Will cosmetic acupuncture erase age spots?

AcuSerene® will brighten your skin tone and make age spots less noticeable with a more radiant complexion, but acupuncture cannot erase them or prevent them from reappearing.

Can I book AcuSerene® if I have cosmetic injections?

Yes, but the process may scatter injectables. Please tell us about the location and type of your injections when you fill out the initial consultation form. We will develop a custom treatment plan to maximize your benefits.

Does AcuSerene® include body acupuncture?

Yes. AcuSerene® includes acupuncture on other parts of your body for cosmetic benefits.

Schedule an Appointment

Light AcuSerene

1h15minutes, $128

- Visibly brighten eyes

- Diminish dark circles

- Lift sagging eyelids

- Lift and define features

- Firm sagging skin

- Soften fine lines

- Increase radiance

Full AcuSerene

1h45minutes, $220

- Balance asymmetry

in addition to amplified effects of Light AcuSerene

Full AcuSerene &

General Acupuncture Follow-up

2h30minutes, $350

- Please ask us before making an appointment whether your symptoms are treatable in this treatment.

- Medical insurance is not applicable for the General Acupuncture portion in this treatment.

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