Do I have to do anything to prepare for a treatment?

- Please refrain from being too hungry or too full.

- We will ask you to undress except underpants, shorts, and bras.  Loose clothing is good for better results.

- If you are going to have the AcuSerene Facial Acupuncture, please come without cosmetic makeup.

- Please refrain from hard exercises right after acupuncture treatments.

How many times should I visit?

For treatments of symptoms

Your symptoms may go away with only one session and never come back, or it may take some weeks or more to reach a complete recovery, or symptoms may come and go as in chronic conditions.  This varies up to your symptoms, your life style, your body bearing, and your constitution.  For chronic symptoms, we usually begin by following up once a week.  Then once the symptoms are under control the treatment schedule should be reduced.


Regarding AcuSerene Facial Acupuncture, usually optimal results reach their plateau in 5 weekly sessions.

For preventive care

For better resilience and prevention of illness or injury, we recommend treatments a few times a month.  Acupuncture helps to balance the autonomic nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system.  Therefore, acupuncture enhances blood circulation, boosts your resistance and energy.  

Is it true "No pain no gain"?

No.  It is not true.  People who used to visit other acupuncture clinics often tell us how different our treatment is.  We aim to provide more comfortable treatments with better effects.

What is Japanese Acupuncture?


The spirit of Japanese acupuncture

The spirit of Japanese acupuncture is to pursue the best treatment for each client.  With this spirit, Japanese acupuncture has been developing a variety of treatment methods and acupuncture equipment. Because clients' conditions vary at each session, treatments are adjusted to the client's present conditions and complaints.  Japanese acupuncture heavily considers current practical findings especially those obtained by careful palpation of each individual client at each session and also the client's past medical history.  In this way treatment is maximized and the effects reach the individual's goal as soon as possible.

Mindfulness of a client's treatment experience

Also, Japanese acupuncture is concerned with clients' comfort during their acupuncture sessions.  Because discomfort is a stress for clients we are dedicated to aim to eliminate unnecessary discomfort or needle sensation.  With this commonly recognized idea,  Japan has been the leading country producing very fine needles of the highest quality which facilitate comfortable and effective acupuncture treatments.

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