General Acupuncture

Relief from your symptoms

Enhancement of well-beingpreventive care

Treatment fee    60min.   

from $330 / Insurance

We accept some major medical insurances for General Acupuncture to treat your symptoms.  Please contact us to verify if your plan has coverage for acupuncture.

We work on a broad range of symptoms commonly treated by Western medical perspective.  

The symptoms in Western medical perspective we especially see in our practice include

Chronic pain such as headache, backache, knee pain, stiff neck


Digestive dysfunction





Alopecia areata (Round bald spots on the scalp)

Eye problems




Nasal blockage


Depressed feeling

We treat a large variety of symptoms and conditions.  Please contact us for your needs. 

Preventive Care

We weigh heavily on preventive care treatment before illness reveals.  We prescribe our treatments to ward off illness and enhance your resistance to keep you from illness and injury.  Therefore, we recommend to have our treatment regularly even when you are not aware of any symptoms.

Your body bears burdens unconsciously.  You will notice how you are refreshed after an acupuncture treatment and leave our office with lighter steps.

Acupuncture helps to balance the immune system, endocrine system, and autonomic nervous system.  By doing so, acupuncture enhances blood circulation, boosts your resistance and promote your well-being.

Also, if your condition warrants it we may recommend you to consult with your Western medical doctor regarding your symptoms.

347-822-0000   We make our best effort to answer your phone call, however during the treatment time responding to your message using the contact form will be the quickest way to give you a response.

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