- I have been fortunate to have treatments with Naomi a few times. Every time I am in NY I book a few. First it was for overall well being, concentrating on knee pain, and tension in neck and back. I had great results. This time I also really enjoyed her very own facial treatment, AcuSerene. I was able to book two different days. Naomi treated my somatic symptoms and helped with the neck and knee pain, and then had the facial treatment, it was worth while to book both appointments back to back. I saw great overall improvement. The facial gave me a tightness of skin and healthy glow. I will be going back. Naomi Takazawa Welch does amazing work. I felt very comfortable and at ease in her company.  (Christine Brooks)

- I had treatments at Naomi's Acupunture Clinic in Toyko in the past. She worked wonders on my neck and shoulder tension. I am so glad she's moved stateside. I recently received her facial treatment, AcuSerene. I was very happy with the results and can't wait to get back on her table to get more years taken off my face. Naomi offers 2 great types of treatment (facial and body pain) I always try to book both types back to back. If my business keeps me in NYC for a week or more I squeeze in 3 of these double treatments.  (Ernest Brooks)

- Very knowledgeable and professional, great results.  (Nadine Welch Heyman)

- My sessions with Naomi were always greeted with a friendly smile and Naomi’s attentiveness to my needs. Naomi always made sure I was comfortable at the beginning, middle, and end of our sessions. I reached out to Naomi for facial treatments and for a bad pain in my back I’ve had for a couple months. I was about to travel to Europe and wasn’t sure my back would handle the long flights. Naomi was able to identify exactly what my muscles were doing, and after two sessions my back was back to normal! I had no back pain the entire trip.  Upon my return I continued to see Naomi for facial treatments. I noticed immediate changes in my skin and face after our session. The bags under my eyes reduced and I could tell a difference in the brightness of my face. Naomi is very knowledgeable and I loved learning the intricacies of my body and how to better treat my body. Naomi has a full understanding of acupuncture and can quickly asses what muscles needed tending to. I highly recommend visiting Naomi!


Sachie's story (in Tokyo)

It was in December 2012 when I met Ms. Takazawa L.Ac. for the first time at her clinic in Ogikubo, Tokyo.  I had been having the other acupuncturists’ treatments and Kampo herbs for two years before that, and since the summer of 2012 I was focusing more on being treated for my infertility treatment.  I decided to have acupuncture treatments in real earnest after I reacquainted with an old friend, who had her first child after infertility treatment.  She told me acupuncture was very effective for her to conceive.  I searched my neighborhood again and finally found Ms. Takazawa’s clinic.

I regretted “Why ... >Read more

Yasuko's story (in Tokyo)

I recall it became my opportunity to meet Ms. Takazawa when my husband, who had been having her treatments for his backache, received a notice that she was starting to offer cosmetic facial acupuncture treatments.  I visited and laid my hope on her because I had been distressed each time when I looked... >Read more

Takahisa's story (in Tokyo)

I had been distressed with my stiff neck and shoulders due to my daily working style sitting at the computer for long hours.  I had constantly received manual therapies or massages.  It felt great while I was receiving those treatments but my stiff shoulders came back quickly, therefore I didn’t feel I got back my health at all.  I was half giving up...  >Read more

M's story (in Tokyo)

I visited Naomi sensei for my backache and acne on my face for two months from November in 2013 to January in 2014.  I had been distressed by the inflamed red acne for ten years.  Both symptoms improved with her treatments every couple of weeks.

It was around October in 2013 when I first noticed my backache.  I easily got exhausted... >Read More

Miki's story (in Tokyo)

I didn’t feel well after a delivery of my child.  My autonomic nervous system seemed like lost its balance probably because I went back to work immediately after the delivery and I couldn’t sleep enough.  Also, I chronically had very stiff shoulders and neck. 

I visited several hospitals but my symptoms didn’t improve at all.  Meanwhile, I by chance found Ms. Takazawa’s clinic on the internet and ... >Read More

Midori's story (in Tokyo)

It was 5 or 6 years ago when I first visited TAKAZAWA Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinic.  I was overwhelmed with work and felt like a rickety car.  I asked one of my acquaintances who knew the local community well to recommend a good acupuncturist.  I wasn’t satisfied with the relaxation massages which I had been having very often at that time because their effects didn’t last very long.  Ms. Takazawa’s clinic was the one she told me I should go to.

I was wondering what she would look like when I first ... > Read more

M's story (in Tokyo)

Whenever I don’t feel right about my health, I always recall Ms. Takazawa’s face first.  I’m a person who is concerned with unknown side effects when I’m prescribed a medicine at a hospital.  The more effective a medicine is makes me think about the possibility of worse side effects.  On the other hand, I feel acupuncture and moxibustion treatment is much milder and fits me well... >Read more

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