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Naomi Takazawa Welch in front of a treatment table.

Our Story

Hands-On for 20+ Years

Authentic Traditions in Tokyo

Naomi Takazawa Welch, M.s., L.Ac. founded the first Takazawa Acupuncture Clinic in Tokyo, Japan in 1999. Over the past 20 years, she has studied and practiced the tradition of Japanese acupuncture with world-class experts in Japan and the United States.

Acupuncturists in Japan treat symptoms without using herbs as the scope of acupuncture in the Japanese legislative system doesn't include the use of herbs.  This rule established the environment to evolve and develop acupuncture methods for a variety of symptoms without using herbs.  


Like so many other Japanese acupuncturists, she created new, diverse needling techniques to better serve her clients. Using fine needles and electric current, she learned how to maximize the effects of stimulation exclusively through the skin.

Orange gerbera flower on white isolated background.

Modern Healing in New York

Naomi Takazawa Welch is giving a lecture.

In 2014, Naomi moved to New York and entered acupuncture college to become licensed in the US as a board-certified practitioner. With a master’s degree in science and two decades of clinical experience, Naomi is one of the most trusted authorities on acupuncture in Tokyo and New York City.


Naomi’s gentle needling techniques, subtle stimulation, and herb-free treatments make acupuncture more accessible for everyone. The relaxing atmosphere in our Manhattan clinic inspires healthy energy and optimism.


Our board-certified acupuncturists follow Naomi’s example with personalized treatments and attentive service for more noticeable results.

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