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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ for clear answers and insights. We encourage all clients to read this page thoroughly before your appointment at Takazawa Acupuncture.

General Acupuncture  FAQ

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Plan for comfort. Please don’t come to your appointment with an empty stomach or after a large meal. We recommend loose-fitting clothing that makes it easy to undress for the treatment. Also please avoid strenuous exercise immediately after acupuncture.

How many times should I expect to visit?

Acupuncture often relieves symptoms after just one session. For some clients, full recovery takes several weeks. We recommend weekly follow ups for chronic conditions and then transitioning to a reduced schedule for maintenance.

Are there any negative side effects?

Subtle bruising and bleeding are possible with acupuncture needling. It is rare, but possible, to feel lightheaded or faint if this is your first session or you visit with an empty stomach.

AcuSerene  Facial Acupuncture  FAQ


How many treatments are needed?

Most clients notice immediate results after the first appointment and in the following days, but progress varies by individual. We recommend 2 to 3 weekly sessions for lifting and contouring. Facial balancing typically requires a longer treatment plan.

Does AcuSerene® require follow up appointments?

Yes, we recommend ongoing treatments once or twice a month to maintain the look of your acupuncture facelift.

Can I wear makeup?

Please arrive with a clean, fresh face and remove cosmetic makeup before your appointment.

Is AcuSerene® available for all ages?

No, we do not offer cosmetic acupuncture for minors. This esthetic treatment is most effective for clients with aging or mature skin who want to lift sagging features, soften asymmetrical or fine lines, and achieve a more radiant complexion with less dullness.

Will cosmetic acupuncture erase age spots?

AcuSerene® will brighten your skin tone and make age spots less noticeable with a more radiant complexion, but acupuncture cannot erase them or prevent them from reappearing.

Can I book AcuSerene® if I have cosmetic injections?

Yes, but the process may scatter injectables. Please tell us about the location and type of your injections when you fill out the initial consultation form. We will develop a custom treatment plan to maximize your benefits.

Does AcuSerene® include body acupuncture?

AcuSerene® Facial Acupuncture (1h 45m) treats your whole face and body for cosmetic benefits, while the Lite version targets only the face for a touch-up treatment. For the best results and long-lasting effects, choose the full 1 hour and 45-minute treatment.

Should I expect bruising or bleeding?

AcuSerene® facial acupuncture is incredibly gentle, and this exclusive treatment method uses needle tip stimulation on the surface of your skin. During the relaxing acupuncture session, there is very little risk of bruising or bleeding on your face.
Body treatments during AcuSerene® facial acupuncture include penetrative needling like general acupuncture, which may result in bruising and bleeding. 

Does facial acupuncture trigger headaches?

No – in fact, AcuSerene® Full treatment takes a comprehensive approach to relieve tension-type headaches and help prevent migraines. If you have persistent headaches, we recommend consulting with a medical doctor and booking the Full treatment. Please tell us about your headaches when making the appointment.

Will this treatment work with acne, sunburns, or abrasions?

We cannot treat red, sensitive, or inflamed skin, so please wait until after your skin heals to schedule facial acupuncture at our clinic. If you have persistent acne, we suggest starting with general acupuncture to resolve inflammation.

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