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Naomi Takazawa Welch's patient's new born baby.
Naomi Takazawa Welch's patient and her son who was conceived by Naomi Takazawa Welch's General Acupuncture treatments for infertility.

It was in December 2012 when I met Ms. Takazawa L.Ac. for the first time at her clinic in Ogikubo, Tokyo.  I had been having the other acupuncturists’ treatments and Kampo herbs for two years before that, and since the summer of 2012 I was focusing more on being treated for my infertility treatment.  I decided to have acupuncture treatments in real earnest after I reacquainted with an old friend, who had her first child after infertility treatment.  She told me acupuncture was very effective for her to conceive.  I searched my neighborhood again and finally found Ms. Takazawa’s clinic.

I regretted “Why ... 

Sachie Takayose, in Tokyo, translated from Japanese in 2017
A patient who had AcuSerene Facial Acupuncture and General Acupuncture by Naomi Takazawa Welch at her TAKAZAWA ACUPUNCTURE.

I recall it became my opportunity to meet Ms. Takazawa when my husband, who had been having her treatments for his backache, received a notice that she was starting to offer cosmetic facial acupuncture treatments.  I visited and laid my hope on her because I had been distressed each time when I looked... 

Yasuko Takahashi, in Tokyo, translated from Japanese in 2017
The patient who suffered from a recurrent shoulder pain and was treated by Naomi Takazawa Welch of TAKAZAWA ACUPUNCTURE in General Acupuncture.

I had been distressed with my stiff neck and shoulders due to my daily working style sitting at the computer for long hours.  I had constantly received manual therapies or massages.  It felt great while I was receiving those treatments but my stiff shoulders came back quickly, therefore I didn’t feel I got back my health at all.  I was half giving up...

Takahisa Fujita, Company President in Tokyo, translated from Japanese in 2017
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