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Does your facial appearance affect well-being?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

New dimension of your well-being

"Medical exams don’t show any problems. I constantly do exercise and have acupuncture treatments. Why do I look worn-out? Nothing is fun.”

​"Why can't I act nicer to my darling husband and children? I love my family more than anything. But sometimes I feel like something stops me from smiling at them."

​“I had a bad car accident, however now I am recovered and I’m totally healthy. And yet I don't look healthy. Why?”

​​If you have thoughts like these despite the fact that you take good care of your health, your face may be overloaded with the accumulation over the years of physical or psychological distress.

Your face can retain and reveal the memory of any difficult situations in life, for example, fighting against illness, a competitive business environment or a desperate relationship.

Or simply, with time, gravity may be pulling everything down making you look worn-out and feeling depressed.

We believe distressed facial appearance wherever it comes from can cause the associated emotion even without any specific reason. Such emotions include depression, irritation, anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, or feeling of lack of vitality, and more.

​Skin is the largest organ of the body. Our AcuSerene Facial Acupuncture retrieves your healthy facial skin and facial appearance in a natural way. This is a new solution to lift your business performance and well-being to the higher level, and to increase your vitality and contentment.

This is life transformational.

​This treatment applies a gentle handcrafted superficial fine needling on your face. This unique needling is very powerful to eliminate the accumulated exhaustion, resolve the downward constricted patterns of facial muscle movement, and refresh your skin. We proudly declare this is a Japanese fine art of acupuncture.

The effects of AcuSerene Facial Acupuncture:

​​​​​Realizes vivid facial expression​

Brightens eyes​

Freshens skin

Moistens skin

Diminishes fine lines

Boosts energy

Increases the feeling of happiness

Increases concentration power​

Lifts the business performance, and more.

Please note: The effects vary individually.

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