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What does the imbalance of your face indicate?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Imbalance of your face can be caused by imbalanced body usage in your daily life. If one eye brow is more elevated than the other side, nostril opens wider than the other side, and/or eye is bigger than the other side, they can be the signs of the imbalanced usage of your body. For instance, if you always weighing on the left foot, if you always carry your brief case in the right hand, or if you always lying on your right side watching a video, with such one side dominant movement of your body, you may develop a chronic twist in your musculoskeletal system and cause a facial imbalance.

We highly recommend restoring your original balance in the natural way instead of undergoing a surgical procedure and maintain it by more balanced usage of your body in daily life. Once you have had a surgical alteration on your face aiming to even the visual imbalance, which indicates the underlying imbalance of your whole body, your face may become imbalanced when your body restores its original balance.

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