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Does your sunken skin around your eyes matter?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Do you want to increase fullness around your eyes? Your sunken skin around your eyes can retrieve its natural fullness as below. If you are thinking hard to undergoing injecting filler around your eyes, we highly recommend to restore your own fullness naturally. Because if your face is filled with a substance from outside of your body, your face can lose its original balance when it retrieves its own fullness naturally.

Non-chemical, non-surgical.

56 years old. The video on top is just prior to treatment. The video below shows the state just after two weekly treatments. Her facial features are supple and fuller, and the overall definition is uplifted. This person has cosmetic tattoos on her eye brows and eye lines.  No other cosmetic make up is applied., #acupuncture#facial acupuncture#facial rejuvenation#well-being#facial

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